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Chaff Cutter Machine

Leaders machine tool manufacturing high-grade assortment of chaff cutter machine that meets the requirement of our users in heavy engineering. The chaff cutter has a scimitar like a shape with a curved blade broadening towards a cranked wooden handle. However, Our Company offers an exhaustive range of export model that is hand cum power operator chaff cutter is highly acknowledged, it includes high strength, durability, reliability, long lasting nature, excellent quality at reasonable price. It slashes the fodder steady. The chaff machine plays steel gear cutter which is a mechanical device and cuts straw or hay into small pieces and grind various feeding materials such as dry corn straw, grass, soybean, wheat stalk, with ease and thus reducing the manual work for farmer and increase the fodder production. It has involved from the basic machine into a commercial standard that can be driven at various speed and can achieve various length of cut with respect to animal preference type. The cutter is designed for ā€œuā€ shape safety and safe power; the cutter cuts a different length such as 10 MM to 33 MM and throws difference lengthen out to 10 meters. Although, we are also representing the manual operated chaff cutter machine that is simple but ingenious for cutting straw or chaff or hay and oats into small chunks before being variegated together with other forage and provide to horses and cattle. In this machine, consist of handle support of mild steel rod and wooden grip placed over the rod and flywheel of 900 MM to 1350 MM diameter will be provided it has two arms. Apart from this, other machines are power operated chaff cutter it increases the cutting speed result in the maximum efficiency and chopper capacity by using serrated edge shape blades. It produces high-quality silage and consists of feed rolls which make job easier and offer a complete solution for cutting raw material.