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Hacksaw Machine

Leader Machines brand presents the Hacksaw machine, Hexo (Manufacturer & Exporter Batala, Punjab, India) which is available in different capacities of square bar. These machines are cherished for their efficiency, fine cutting and long length lasting trouble free service. The main function is to cut the various types of metals that cut the long length into small piece according to the provided applications. The other eases are cutting speed of the machine is highly good. It is also power saving because of the high speed of the cutting. It cuts around a bar, flat bars squares and pipes and other variety of metals. It has special features of bed like V- belt Device, a collection of coolant swarf. The other operative accessories are 4-speed gear Box, Blade, Hydraulic oil, Length gauge, Motor and electric fitting. The vice is a different feature which used for the rigid construction that covers with two jaws one is fixed and other is adjusted according to the size of the material to be cut. The hacksaw is enriched with superb feature of the hydraulically controller that controls the rate of feed. The working is when the cutting gets completed the machine automatically gets switched off. The speed of the machine is also rulable and maintained by different kinds of metals like steel brass copper etc. The square cuts and the parallel cuts are taken care by the rigid saw frame it intercepts the wear of the blade. The hacksaw machine is furnished with the standard accessories like a motor pulley and mechanical coolant pump. Due to tranquil and staunch functioning ability, we are able to operate in spontaneous methods which help the workers to consistently carry their work. It is inherited with supreme efficiency and highly durable which offers the delight for workers however it is gaining a lot of popularity among the customers for its rendering services. Leader Brand Hydraulic Hacksaw Machine Is Used For Cutting Various Type Of Metals Like Round Bar, Flat Bar, Square, Pipe And Various Type Of Metal. It Cut's The Long Length Into Small Piece Acording To The Application.

hydraulic hacksaw machine
MODEL LMT - H7 LMT - H8 LMT - H10 LMT - H12 LMT - H14 LMT - H16 LMT - H18 LMT - H20 LMT - H24
CAPACITY OF SQUARE BAR 7’’ 8’’ 10’’ 12’’ 14’’ 16’’ 18’’ 20’’ 24’’
CAPACITY OF SQUARE BAR 5” 6” 8” 10” 11” 13” 14” 15” 18”
BLADE SIZE 14’’ 14’’to16’’ 16’’to18’’ 18’’to20’’ 20’’to22’’ 22’’to24’’ 26’’to28’’ 28’’to30’’ 30’’to36’’
NO. OFSTROKE / MINUTE 100 to 120 100 to 120 85 to 100 85 to 100 85 to 100 70 to 80 60 to 85 60 to 85 60 to 85
ELECTRICAL MOTOR 1 H.P 1 H.P 1.5 H.P 2 H.P 3 H.P 3 H.P 5 H.P 5 H.P 7.5 H.P

Standard Accessories

  • Motor Pulley
  • Mechanical Coolant Pump

Optional Accessories

  • 4 Speed Gear Box
  • Blade
  • Hydraulic Oil
  • Length Guage
  • Motor And Electric Fitting
  • V-Belt

Salient Features

  • Bed:-Bed Has Wide Rigid Casting For The Collection Of Coolant,Swarf And Also Houses The V-Belt Device.
  • Saw Frame:- :-The Rigid Saw Frame Ensures a Square & Parallel Cut & The Cut Takes Place On The Backward Pull Stroke. To Prevent The Wear Of The Blade, It Is Hydraulically Lifted Out Of Contact With Work Place On The Forward Stroke Up.
  • Speeds:-Specific Speeds Has Been Provided For Different Kind Of Metals In Order To Make It Suitable. High Speed For Metals Like Mild Steel, Brass, Copper etc. And Low Speed For Cast iron.
  • Feeds:-Two Levers Are Provided To Hydraulically Control The Feed Saw At The Dash Spot. One Control The Rate Of Feed And The Other Enables The Bow Slide To Be Raised Or Lowered And After The Completion Of The Cut, The Motor Gets Automatically Switched Off.
  • Drive: The Drive Is Attached Through V-Pulleys With Provision To Adjust The Complete Tension Of The V-Belts. The Shafts Are Fitted With Ball Bearing And Taper Roller Bearing To Eliminate friction.
  • Vice:- The Vice Is Rigid Construction. It Has Two Jaws, One Jaw Remains Fixed And The Other Is Adjusted Accordingly To The Size Of Material To Be Cut.