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Lathe Machine - Leader Machines prime manufacturer & exporter of lathe machine for V- belt lathe machine, medium extra heavy duty lathe exertion with v-belt drive, all geared lathe machine, extra heavy geared along with oil country lathe machines and accessories comprises the highest streak. All these varieties of Lathe machines are designed to perform different operations in various industries by creating an object about an axis of rotation. The main function is to contribute various operations in the manufacturing process such as drilling, cutting, sanding, turning, metal working, wood turning, and glass working. Machines are available in different types as displayed on our products page. It is also proffered different functionalities and features to derive constantly the quality work as per the requirement. The main support is in making the tools soft enough to be manipulated. It may then be exaggerated into the desired shape or otherwise manipulated using some heat resistant tools. The use of Lathe Machines in various industries has led to the turning out of highly convoluted ornamental pieces. The lathe machines are specialized according to their variety of functions the headstock and their bed. There are various types of beds flat beds for heavy duty work and also other variations that are a combination flat beds and V beds. These are consists of feed and lead screws which allow for a series of gears to run the carriage mechanisms. The carriage holds the tool bit and movable and which is controlled by the operator. Our best quality lathe machines for disparate industrial applications here at the most competitive rates. Our powerful and structured vertical turning lathe tools are designed for a fast and synchronous turning of the work piece.