Application of Horizontal Bandsaw Machine

Application of Horizontal Bandsaw Machine

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  • Fri Sep 24, 2021
Application of Horizontal Bandsaw Machine

A horizontal bandsaw is a machine that is used to cut wood, plastic, metal, and other materials into straight, curved, or irregular forms. There is a broad variety of bandsaw equipment available in the market. They are constructed of cast iron, steel, or an aluminum alloy.

The blade is made out of a continuous band of metal with teeth on one edge. These teeth are used to cut many pieces of work. The machine's blade is kept in place by either guide blocks or bearings. The saw blade is held in place between two wheels or pulleys. One of the wheels, known as the driven wheel, is fixed in place and supplies power to the saw. On the other hand, The idler wheel is utilized to tighten or loosen the blade in the saw.

These are usually used to cut the supply down to size. The fine finishing cuts are performed using more accurate equipment. Perfect cuts save a significant amount of time, and stock removal cutting is significantly faster. The horizontal bandsaw is often used to cut big pieces of wood or metal, and different blades provide varied results. They feature a faster cutting speed and more precision. These are ideal for shaping lengthy bars into various forms.

The affordable and low noise tools are designed for smooth and vibration-free operation, resulting in maximum production and little waste. Horizontal bandsaw machines are widely used in the automotive, electronic, electrical, and woodworking industries, among others.

For various materials, different kinds of blades are utilized. Glass is cut with a diamond blade, structural tube is cut with a segmented cold saw blade, and aluminum, brass, or copper is cut with a fabrication blade. Friction and hot saw blades are used to cut steel tubing, angel cuts, and decking.

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